The f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer: A must-have for photographers who love to cook

So photography enthusiasts would love to spend all their time on top of a mountain capturing a stunning sunset, or in a studio making women look like they have descended from the heavens. As much as you hate to put your camera down for anything, you do have to feed yourself now and then! With the awesome new f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer at the Photojojo Store, you never have to be too far away from the equipment you love so much! This inventive Kitchen Timer is shaped to look exactly like a camera lens! How much fun will it be to hear your “lens” ding loudly, signaling that your chicken pot pie is ready! It looks like a real zoom lens, with exquisite detailing that gives it an authentic look. All you have to do is twist the handgrips to start the countdown. It is capable of timing up to 60 minutes. What makes this timer so great is that owing to its looks, it can fit into any part of your house. You don’t have to only use it in the kitchen; instead, time a speed workout, or a marathon writing session.

The f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer is the perfect holiday gift for your photography enthusiast special someone. It retails for just $14.

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[Available at: Photojojo]

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