The Flip Cap means you never have to lose your lens cover again

Every photographer is familiar with this situation. You see something you want to capture, you hurry over to that spot frantically pulling your camera out of its bag and just manage to click that photo that you wanted, only to look behind and see that you have no idea where you have left your lens cover. Get yourself one of this handy Flip Cap by Kenko International, and you never have to face the dilemma of the lost lens cap again! It is basically a lens cap that screws on permanently, but flips out of the way when you’re using your camera. The caps are screwed onto the lens filter threads on the front of lenses. Before taking a photo, all you have to do is press a button on the side of the accessory and the front of the cap will flip open, exposing the lens ready for you to click your photo.

The Flip Cap by Kenko International was introduced the CP+ trade show in Japan. It will be available either in plain black, or in a set with interchangeable panel designs. It will also come in two sizes – to fit a 49mm and 58mm lens filter threads. The black Flip Cap will retail at 2,300 yen (approximately $25), while the version with interchangeable panels will retail for 3,300 yen (approximately $36). There is no word on availability as of yet.

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