The GoPad Tablet Cradle lets you work on your iPad 2 even while walking

This may be every geek boy’s dream come true. Don’t you hate how you have to keep your iPad down while doing something else, or how you can’t catch up on your Angry Birds when you are walking somewhere. But the GoPad tablet cradle promises to solve all your problems. Made for “people in motion”, this ingenious device works so that you can comfortably use your iPad even when you are walking. The GoPad allows you to use your tablet like a sort of digital clipboard. The strap goes around your neck and the articulated stand allows you to place your tablet into the optimal position so that you can work on it while on the move. It also works as a stand for your tablet when you’re not wearing it, and can hang it over your shoulder like a laptop bag too. Perfect for taking orders, playing video games on the go or just leaning backwards and reading/watching a movie.

The GoPad tablet cradle is not only for the iPad 2, but is also available for other tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, Kindle Fire, and Playbook. The complete GoPad package, including GoPad, GoStrap shoulder harness and GoBag, will set you back $89.

[Available at Gopad via Techfever]