The Limited Edition Solid Chocolate Camera: Delicious!

Women who are with photography aficionados understand what their camera means to them. This Valentine’s Day, don’t bother with the same old chocolates for your photography crazy special someone; not when you can get them this awesome Limited Edition Solid Chocolate Camera instead! It is basically a solid chocolate replica of a Canon D60, and even comes with its own battery grip! Etsy seller ChocCamera came up with this innovative idea when he custom molded to make these as gifts for friends and family. ChocCamera will now make a very limited edition of these chocolicous Canon D60s for sale on Etsy. The product will be crafted using the highest quality Guittard chocolate in a flavor of your choice. You can be sure that your “camera” will reach you in one piece as they will ship it surrounded by gel ice pack and then placed in a clear acrylic display box. The maker makes it very clear that extras like a chocolate SD card, chocolate battery, chocolate lens cap and chocolate strap are neither included nor available. That’s quite a shame; it would have completed the piece!

The Limited Edition Solid Chocolate Camera comes in four flavors – Guittard 61% Semi, Guittard 31% White, Guittard 38% Milk, and Guittard 72%Dark. They are only going to make 5 of these wonderful pieces; so hurry if you want to get your hands on one! It is available for purchase on Etsy for a price of $500.

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[Available at Etsy]

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