The Resonating Transparent Speakers reflect sound off your floor

The sad part about the sound and speaker systems is that, you could buy the absolute best product in the market, but it still won’t work the way it should owing to the acoustics of your room. The amazing new Resonating Transparent Speakers from Hammacher Schlemmer attempts to solve this problem. This 40-watt 6″ subwoofer fires downward into any hardwood surface like tabletops or floors. This way, you avoid the acoustic killing qualities of furniture and walls, and only optimizing the natural resonant qualities of hardwood floors. It features a transparent acrylic body, which houses a flared bass reflex port. It comes with two satellite speakers–each containing four 10-watts and 1″ full-range transducers. These can be adjusted and positioned, in a way that it gives the best sound quality. Basically, this speaker is perfect for using over any reflective surface like a table top or hardwood flooring.

The Resonating Transparent Speakers from Hammacher Schlemmer can be connected to any device with a standard 3.5mm speaker port, including computers, iPhones, iPods, video game consoles, and DVD/Blu-Ray disc players. It can be yours for just $180.

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[Available at Hammacher]

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