The Virtual Lighting Studio lets you experiment with different types of studio lighting

Photography enthusiasts have something new and exciting play around with, and it won’t even burn a hole in your pocket. The all-new Virtual Lighting Studio is so addictive that it is hard to stop the experimenting. It is basically, a studio-lighting simulator. You have a virtual 3D model, and you can play with the various options for customizing your lighting setup, including the number of lights, position of those lights, and even the light type, and see the effect on this model! It is a really good tool for photography students and teachers, and can be very educational. You can learn a lot about lighting and composition by spending some time with this tool. For each light, you’ll choose the source – a bare strobe, softbox, or ringlight. Then just decide the power, gel colors, placement, and distance.

The best part about the Virtual Lighting Studio is that it is completely free to use. It works directly on your browser; you don’t even have to download it! The only thing that we would change is the creepy mass-murderer looking bald model. Brrr!

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