The world’s smallest coffee maker by Pietro Marmo makes few drops of coffee at a time

Sure my mom tells me I need to drink less coffee. I’m sure a lot of you have heard the same thing from your doctors (annoying know-it-alls). But this is really taking it too far! The world’s smallest coffee pot, which is capable of brewing only a teardrop amount of coffee at a time! This amazing work of art by Italian silversmith Pietro Marmo is only 2 cm tall, and weighs about 3.9 grams’ worth. To give some perspective of how tiny that actually is, it is barely bigger than an average coffee bean! The fully functioning device features five miniature parts — a heater, the pot itself, two filters and a gasket. It took many months to make, and is made of the finest sterling silver. Despite the tiny size (it can hold only 10 drops of water at a time); it is still capable of brewing a perfect cup of coffee.

The world’s smallest coffee maker is a one off novelty for now though Pietro Marmo intends to make a bunch of them for a limited edition run that would be studded with all kinds of gemstones (or even diamonds) and would be made entirely in gold. This silver beauty is available for $75.

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