The QOOQ is a smart kitchen computer

If you are as lost as I am in a kitchen, you might want to try out the QOOQ that’s a kitchen computer that’s actually designed to withstand the rigours of being used in a kitchen. It’s essentially a part recipe book, part cooking show and part Filofax. What you can find here is elaborate meal preparation videos to show you the art of cooking, recipes, ingredient information and a magazine all built-in. It also connects to the Internet over Ethernet or wifi and you can subscribe to monthly updates to ensure you and the family never eat the same meal twice. Besides, you will find a shopping list maker and a meal planner here. It has a dedicated UI driven via a touchscreen and onscreen keyboard along with a built-in lithium polymer battery so there are no cables. It sits anywhere conveniently. It’s really a cool tablet computer with a 10.2″ glass touchscreen, with Ethernet, USB and SD ports. The only problem is that it comes in French, no other language. Unfortunately, I don’t speak French.