Tiltpod Quick-Connect Camera Stabilizer for the photographers on the go


Taking group photos is always cumbersome because you have to worry about placing the camera in the right angle so that every member is captured. Another situation is when you are trying to click a good profile picture for your Facebook profile and your camera doesn’t give a good angle, leave alone the hand that always appears in your photos showing that you don’t have anybody clicking your pictures. Here’s a Tiltpod Quick Connect Camera Stabilizer that solves all your clicking problems. It’s tiny, compact and lightweight to carry on all your journeys. All you need to do is screw it to the rounded pivot and attach the base to your wrist strap. You also don’t have to worry about your camera slipping off the cliff as the base is made of a magnetic grippy surface to hold on to almost any angle.

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Some people might be of the opinion that the GorillaPod is better than something like this owing to its “wiry” design and everything. But I beg to differ as the Tripod seems way lighter and also cheaper by half the cost of its previous counterpart at $15.

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