Tokyo lines up for Noble Pink DS Lite

The DS Lite in noble pink by Nintendo is now available with a dash of ‘nobility,’ much to delight of Japanese consumers. The new color, noble pink DS Lite is a hit in Japan as a popular gift item. At a particular electronics shop in Japan, it was noted that customers began arriving as early as 3 a.m., forming a line that grew to 160 people by opening time and to over 400 by 11:30 a.m. Although a store representative said there were almost twice as many women in line for a DS Lite than usual, it was observed that men still outnumbered the ladies by a wide margin.

When asked why they were purchasing the noble pink DS Lite, many of the guys said they were buying on behalf of female family members. In a new statement just issued by Nintendo, the company reports that they have now sold more than 21 million Nintendo DS systems worldwide since the launch in November 2004. With the new DS Lite now in stores, selling almost as well as it’s predecessor at launch, and the huge success of the Touch Generations line of games, the DS is at the peak of it’s popularity.

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