Touchy the human camera that clicks based on physical contact

With the advent of social networking, and other forms of online interactions, the whole dynamic of human communication has changed dramatically. It is true that a lot of people could go for days without talking to real human beings. Touchy is a project of Eric Siu, is a “phenomenological social interaction experiment,” that aims to get people talking about the social anxiety and loneliness that is a result of leading an online life. It works by transforming the person into a human camera. After putting on Touchy, a wearable helmet device comprising of a pair of automated shutters, the user is blind until he makes a physical human connection with another person. When human contact is maintained for 10 seconds, the front facing camera captures an image, which is displayed on the back-facing screen for the user to access.

Touchy the human camera project hopes to heal the anxiety and generate a playful way to interact with others. For the best portrait, Siu recommends standing face to face with the individual wearing Touchy and watching into the wearer’s eyes for 10 seconds. This unique project definitely makes you think!

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