Twilight Turtle, an ideal bedroom buddy

Depicted in Western culture as easygoing, patient and wise creatures, Turtles are thought to have exceptional night vision. Allow your child to relax, rejenuvate, educate and (best of all) snuggle up-to this cutie Twilight Turtle! Look forward to your child thinking like an astronaut for a sum of $33.95only! The Twilight Turtle Interactive Nightlight eases children to sleep by projecting a 360-degree view of a starry night sky onto bedroom walls and the ceiling. A soft turtle with a projector in its plastic shell, Twilight Turtle is the only plush planetarium on the market. It soothingly converts nurseries and bedrooms into a starry haven that comforts children and adults alike. This slow-paced animal doubles up as an interactive and educational toy.

Twilight Turtle projects the star patterns of 8 actual constellations, so you can sit with your children and identify these major constellations using the brilliantly illustrated Twilight Turtle Star Guide….( also educate yourself too!)You can opt for any one of three soothing color options- blue, green, and white to create magical, tranquil environments. Twilight Turtle features easy color selection, battery saving time-out feature, and push button reactivation. The life size Twilight Turtle is 14 inches head to tail and stands 5 inches high. It’s an ideal choice for a gift to a child (in fact adults too)!

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