USB H-Boya blushes at your naughty IM’s

Celebrating New Year’s is easy. Just buy new stuff for that little cubicle you sit in all day and you’re all geared up to welcome new work! Well, this was in case you did not have your spouse home to spend the evenings with. Never mind, you have the USB H-Boya toy which gives you company when you’re having that special chat with your special someone. Once you plug in your USB receiver, he will blink and blush and turn red in his cheeks when you tell your loved one how much you miss them through IM. Y’know these things come real handy when you want some dramatic effects for a change!

The little boy comes in colors of blue, red or yellow, in a choice of two stands as well, one to clip onto your monitor or an elephant stand. You could buy one of these at Audiocubes for $36.

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