Wall-Sized Game Boy plays retro games


I thought the Nintendo Gameboy has now become a relic, a dinosaur, well this wall sized Gameboy is certainly the size of one! This larger than life Gamebody hits you smack in the face with its size! The folks from 21tanks, a creative outfit based in Olivedale, South Africa wanted to turn a boring reception area into something fun and that’s why they got this baby done up. The idea was to install an HDTV that anyone could use to play retro games while they waited. The TV is placed in a Gameboy like setting which is nostalgic. The controls are wired to an Arduino control board that receives button presses and sends serial commands to a PC running a python script. Further, the PC runs the games off of Pica Pic in a Web browser, using the Arduino-based buttons in place of a keyboard. I wonder what retro games can be played here? Hopefully all reception areas will adopt this.