You can only love the Ecoustik 5 dock for iPhone 5

If you own an iPhone 5 good for you, but if you have one of the Ecoustik 5 docks to go with it, you are doing great for yourself. Well, it’s yet another kickstarter project on its way pretty much like the earlier and if I may add, successful Ecoustik. The new version especially for the iPhone 5 is still small and wooden. Though your iPhone 5 will work just as wonderfully with the original Ecoustik dock, this new baby fits much better considering the changes like a thinner body. Love the angle of the new angle which allows easy hands free Facetime. I’d also like to mention the inclusion of a dock connector which is much smaller than the old 30 pin.

The finishes available are maple, walnut and Gabon ebony. It would be a very good idea to back the new Ecoustik 5 in this campaign again.

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