Add glamor to your drinks with the Diamond Ice Bucket

Diamonds are a girls best friend and let’s not even deny it. If this wasn’t true then men wouldn’t need to purchase diamond encrusted engagement rings! Anyway, if you don’t have a ring coming your way soon, you can use this Diamond Ice Bucket as a filler! It will definitely add glamor to your life in the same vein as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You can now make your cocktails and beverages even better with these diamond ice cubes. Where else will you get diamonds this big? It seems like it’s right off the sets of Sex and the city. Just fill the ice bucket with water, wait for the water to turn into ice diamonds, and you’ll have an absolutely dazzling time. Diamonds, gossip and drinks are a great combination. You can buy it for $13 here.