Atlantis leather Ottoman TV Bed is all Luxury and Comfort

One look at the Ottoman TV Bed and you know what you’re working in life for. What it does for you is unbelievably awesome. For beginners, the element of luxury meets practicality in the form of functional storage and they instantly hit it off. The cherry on the cake is the entertainment centre thrown in to seal the deal and Voila! Your state of the art, luxurious space is ready. With just an effortless push of a button the TV will emerge from its secret compartment to entertain you and go back in just as lucidly. Access the storage underneath the base which has gas piston arms, one sharp pull is all that is needed to activate the arms, which then take over and lift the base the rest of the way for you. If you haven’t fallen in love with it yet then there is a compartment within the side rail that will allow you to stow your gaming consoles and accessories away neatly whilst at the same time being able to connect them up with hardly any effort.

All this and more is only possible with Atlantis leather Ottoman TV bed. Colour options offered are white and black only. The Atlantis leather Ottoman TV Bed sells for £999 that’s $1612.

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[Available at Storagebedsdirect] Via – Likecool