Crank up the party with the Pizza Roulette Game

Making a round table conference around that sumptuous pizza and shoving it down your throat in a minute isn’t funny anymore. You need to value the goodness of it. How do you think you can manage that? Play the Pizza Roulette game on this cool dish that wears the imprint of the gun’s magazine. One of its chambers is blacked out to act as a pointer. Place your gorgeous pizza/cake/pie on the dish and decide how you want to set the rules for your game.

Decide if you want them to pay for the chunk, do the dishes, fetch more beer or slap a stranger. That game is going to be one helluva roller coaster ride that you’d want to play over and over again. You can buy it for $40.

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[Available at Veinticuatrodientes via Ohgizmo]

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