Embarakiya Human Shaped Lamps reminisces the Arabian Nights!


A unique lamp can completely change the look of any room. We’ve seen a lot of lamps with human references like Feminine Table Lamps by Italamp, Moooi Lolita feminine lamps or the Christmas Story Leg Lamp, but we’ve e never come across anything as uncanny as the ‘Embarakiya’ Human Shaped Lamps by Al-Hamad Design. Each of the lamps features a touch sensor in the hand with three dimmer settings and are controlled by shaking the with a speaker hidden in its torso so you can really freak any guest house. Though, it will give your house a dramatic Arabian look, but it can also skip a heartbeat if you incidentally come across it after a scary dream. Apparently, in the Middle East you’re considered to gain great status by having a humanoid-shaped lamp in your sitting room, and this is a trend that’s been part of their culture for thousands of years, but it can be a little spine-chilling to keep for most of us.

The Embarakiya Human Shaped Lamps comes in both men or women form. If you want to include an Arabian touch to your living room contact Al-Hamad Design.

[Via – Geekologie]