Enjoy your nap with Sleep Assisting Cooling Pad


How much do you love to sleep? I’d say I could sleep all my life and that’s different from dying! For people who love the idea of sleeping on a rainy day, tucked away in a warm blanket here is something you will find useful. The Sleep Assisting Cooling Pad that will keep the heat away but not gonna freeze you like your AC does. This is the gel-filled pad that provides soothing cooling to help you drift peacefully to sleep. Being a warm sleeper means this is the thing you need for the best 40 winks experience of your life. The Sleep Assisting Cooling Pad absorbs excess body heat for approximately 45 minutes and keeps you cool. It doesn’t need any special attention simply lies on top of a bed or under a sheet.

The pad’s soft cotton/poly cover wipes clean with a damp cloth. It is 60″ L x 35 1/2″ W in size. Buy it here for $199.95

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