Flying Carpet Chair: A Fairytale experience!

Are you still waiting for your Aladdin to arrive on a magic carpet? Stop dreaming and checkout the 1001: Flying Carpet Chair. A tiny army of 90 effervescent rods supports this chair, which feels like it’s magically floating in place while it contorts and conforms to your body. Thus, you’ll feel like you’re surfing on a cloud, as 90 elastic rods suspend you above the ground in floating comfort. Literally, a whole new world!

The Flying Carpet Chair was designed and built by Thomas Hiemann and Markus Dilger, and the pair unfortunately seems to have no plans to build and sell more of them. This creation is just a disappointing tease. We hope that Aladdin and fantasy fans can convince them to get these neat seats into retail action to float on.

[Via – Neatorama]