High School Musical LCD TV in a locker

Considering that the movie High School Musical 3 is coming out soon, there is a lot of work to be done and one of them is full-fledged marketing and merchandizing. If there’s one cool stuff which HSM patrons wanna know about, it’s got to be the Disney 15” High school musical LCD TV encased in a Red locker. This unique LCD setup can store your CD’s DvD’s as well as Gym cloths (if you’re obsessed with that kind of a locker, like me) If you want to turn your belongings and room into a HSM theme, you can also go for the matching Disney High School Musical DVD player, both available at Target.


  1. Key storage says:

    I really never seen any High School Musical LCD TV before in a locker. It looks pretty amazing specially to me, I loved it at first look. I would love to buy HSM and that locker.