Hold dishes in place with the Lappers tray

You can never trust clumsy people with trays. I happen to be one so I know the woes. Lappers dinner trays are perfect for clumsy oafs like me. They are loaded with features like anti slip silicone mats, both the tray and mats are completely dishwasher safe, they nest into each other, and have large comfortable handles for guys and girls. They are made out of reliable melamine. The most ingenious part is that the dishes don’t slide off even when you tilt and turn the tray. This sounds perfect. No more dropping dishes! The tray is a multitasker as you can use it as a trivet, jar opened and hot pad. It is functional for breakfast in bed, eating outside, etc. Definitely a tray you will never regret purchasing. You can buy it for $25 here. It looks pretty hip too. You can buy it for $25 here.