Hot sips for your Lips with Hoter USB Coffee Cup

What gets the great thinking minds of bloggers through their tasks and day? A hot cuppa coffee or tea ( there’s certainly no time for me). If you are a person who relies on a piping hot cup of beverage to get the grey cells working and kick starting your assignments then the Hoter USB coffee cup is ideal for you. The three magic words, self -stirring, self-heating, rechargeable beverage mug have me sold. I know how I love my hot cup of coffee and how I take over 40 minutes to finish one slowly enjoying every sip, the fact that I don’t have to make frequent trips to the microwave is definitely enticing. Beat the stress at any given minute with a hot sip of your most loved beverage with Hoter USB Coffee cup.

The splendid Hoter coffee cup is avilable for purchase in several different colors like pink, yellow, white and brown too. Buy one at Amazon for $30.

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[Available at Amazon] Via – Bitrebels

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