Ice-cream spoon conquers even the hardest ice cream

There is nothing like that cold scoop of ice cream on a hot summer’s day. It is part of all our celebrations, and well as our heartbreaks. Nothing is more annoying, when you get your tub out of the freezer, try to get yourself a generous scoop, but it is frozen solid! Japanese architect and designer Naoki Terada designed the perfect solution to this problem – a set of heat-conducting ice cream spoons called as 15.0%. The spoons are forged from solid aluminum, which has a thermal conductivity of 237 W/Mk. Basically, as you grasp the metal handle of the spoon in your hand, heat from your hand is conducted down the spoon, and into the ice cream. The spoon has been specifically designed so that, the handle fits right into your palm, and it can take maximum heat!

The 15.0% heat-conducting ice cream spoons comes in three designs – the Vanilla is a standard spoon with an egg-shaped tip, the Chocolate comes with an angular end, and the Strawberry is like a spork. It retails for 3,150 yen, (approximately $40). Never again will you have to stare at the tub impatiently waiting for it to melt!

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[Inventorspot via Ubergizmo]

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