Innovative: Nuplug Portable Extension Cord can be attached to Furniture

Nuplug, is a new plug that will easily replace your old-school power strip by conveniently attaching onto any piece of furniture. It’s a great idea that makes it easy to sit in the remotest of personal spaces without having to worry about plugging your smartphones and gadgets in. You don’t have to think twice about sitting or lazing anywhere you like with your gadgets for company. I can think of my backyard, on the big wooden chaise longue, a cuppa in hand and a good movie under the sun. The nuplug is like a portable power strip that can clamp onto various surfaces (e.g. table leg, workbench, etc.) ; includes a surge-protected extension cord that’s 10 feet long, as well as two AC power outlets and two USB ports on its adjustable clamp.

It can be of great use to the elderly or disabled who will enjoy the benefits of ‘power within reach’ with nuplug. Nuplug will be available in matte white and matte black; that depends so far, nuplug has raised nearly $14,000 of its $75,000 goal, with 29 days left in its Kickstarter campaign.

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[Via – Mashable]