Keep your hands warm and ice cream cold with Prepara Ice Cream Pint Sleeve

Everyone loves some good old ice cream. Be it to celebrate joyous occasions or wallow in your sorrows, there is nothing like some delicious ice cream. But sometimes the tub gets too cold to hold and the weather causes the ice cream to drip and melt. Not with this insulated neoprene thermal sleeve though. You just need to slide the Prepara Ice Cream Pint Sleeve over the tub to ensure your hands don’t get a frostbite and that your ice cream remains cold even if the weather is sweltering hot. The sleeve has a built in magnet which lets you hang it from the fridge, pretty convenient. The best part is that it’s only available in pink. Pink monopoly, I like that! Prepara Ice Cream Pint Sleeve is available for $8 at Amazon.