Lens Pillow lets you express your love for camera


We always like to hug and cuddle the people and things we love. That’s just human. If you are into hardcore photography, it’s pretty obvious that you’d love your camera to death. An emotion so extreme always needs an outlet for expression. That’s why we suggest you the Lens Pillow which is a huggable pillow shaped and designed like a camera. It is so real looking with the hand-embroidered details like F-tops, filter size and a choice between 50mm “Canon” and a 35mm “Nikon” lens.

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The Pillows are 100% hand made and are composed of soft fleece and felt. The Lens Pillow worth $50 are definitely going to create a psychological impact by making you genius at clicking pictures and not to mention, wipe out your loneliness too. So boyfriends and girlfriends can be jealous while you cuddle your ‘cam baby’ at night!


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