Miior’s ingenious mirrors let you improve your posture while putting on your makeup


For decades now, women have had to contend with the challenge of finding the perfect position over your sink so that you are close enough to your bathroom mirror to put your makeup on. As ridiculous as it sounds, I know women everywhere are frustrated with the inconvenient placement of the humble bathroom mirror (we suspect it was a man’s idea!) Thanks to Polish company Miior, you never have to worry again. They created a collection of mirrors that extend off the wall and allow you to stand straight up while looking at yourself. They work with the help of their patented AXIO-LINK mechanism designed by Katarzyna Okińczyc. This mechanism allows the mirrors to remain full size despite the moving feature. The idea is to make the furniture work for you rather than having it the other way around. They are also all equipped with a touch-sensitive LED light switch. Swipe your hand over the sensor situated just beneath the mirror’s surface and turn on the soft LED light.

Miior currently comes in three beautiful and sleek models – AL is a modern, simple rectangular design, ELLA mirror has a feminine quality owing to its soft oval shape, while DOT. is a modern and functional design. You can order the mirrors over at Miior’s online store, by contacting the company and asking for the price.

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[Available at Miior] Via – Design-Milk

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