Mocoro Moss Ball is Cuteness and Cleanliness Combined

The Japanese love their houses clean and devices cute, we know that cause before the day ends they come up with yet another funky, cute-looking appliance that’s equally functional. Case in point the new Mocoro Moss Ball that doesn’t just sit pretty, rather does one hell of a job at cleaning your humble, dusty abode. Coming from Japanese home appliance company CCP are designed to roll around your room picking up dust while you put your feet up. This fluffy helper is accompanied by white motor-operated inner-ball inside the fuzzy mop case.

To show what it can really do despite the soft exterior you just gotta pump in 3 AAA batteries and watch it rolling around your room picking up dust for the next 15 minutes. I don’t know what’s on your mind for Valentines Day but the cute Mocoro Moss Ball that’s slated for a Feb 14 release isn’t a bad idea after all. Available in orange, pink and green for $40.



  1. balius says:

    I saw this and was entranced, after an hour of not finding it for sale anywhere I got mad! And then I realized how simple it was to make, I got one of those rolling toys you get at novelty/ knick knack shops (the ones that usually have a tail or something, basically they’re just a motor with a counter weight in a ball), I got mine second hand, and a bit of faux fur, and voila!