Mousetrap coffee table should remain a concept only

We have seen some amazing design concepts, but here is a concept that is definitely unique and undesirable. Probably known as the Mousetrap Coffee Table it is the brainchild of designers Auger-loizeau and Alex Zivanovic. Just like its probable name suggests, this table actually functions as a mousetrap! Using a motion-detecting sensor, the table detects rodents in the infrared range and boasts of a mouse side opening in one of the legs that can be baited to invite your little Jerry to a permanent vacation. Any motion activates an iris, which then traps the mouse by dropping it into a cell housed under the table. This really hilarious and amusing table is probably not the best table to use while you host your tea/coffee parties.

Also, I wonder how appetizing the meal or coffee would be once you notice a little creature staring at you from inside the table. Lets hope this concept remains just that- a concept.

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