MP3 Player case pleases the music addict

The wildest epidemic spread across borders, that knows no bounds, is the complete musicoholic mania. Doing our daily chores without music is next to impossible and those earplugs seem stuck to us forever, almost like we’re born with it! The folks who carry their iPods for as simple a chore as a walk to the store, a run on the treadmill or a drain in the loo, have a lot to worry about since their iPods have to go through a lot of mishaps. To listen to your tunes while engaging in active sports or your daily chores is the best thing that to ever happen to a music afflicted individual and nothing could deliver this function better than the MP3 music player case. The case is made up of stainless steel hardware and the player is protected during use via the external headphone jack. The custom rubber liner doubles as O-ring seal and the lid organizer stores earphones. The earphones are water-resistant, but you’re certainly not permitted to take a swim through the ocean.

The MP3 Player case comes in colors of black, blue, pink, silver-tone and lime and retails for $45 each.