Nesting Matroyoshkarim Furniture is minimalistic and space-saving

Karim Rashid has his hand on almost everything that takes designing and undoubtedly, he does an exceptionally good job at it. He has taken the famous Matryoshka Doll concept and styled it into furniture, calling it the Matryoshkarim Nesting Furniture for Punkalive. The furniture consisting of chair, long table, a side table and low footrest can be assembled just like the dolls. The beautiful design intelligently mixed with lavender colored components does everything to spark modern goodness into the living space.

The products, all of which are ecological and sustainable are produced out of natural wood finish and Finnforest Kerto, a laminated veneer. Space-saving is at its best with this design.



  1. Wow it’s really amazing design !!! I like it.  It’s really a brilliant job.

  2. Great idea on how to build your own furniture like this!