Home Improvement


Beyond the great Ocean right in your bedroom

This lamp reminds me of my childhood days when dinosaurs wondered in my bedroom and helped me fall asleep. As times evolved, ocean depths can e hallucinated in your kids bedroom with..

Tea over ice concept by Tea Forté

This is merely a waste. I mean I could have done this at home, placing two jars one above the other. The architectural dual Tea-Over-Ice pitchers, designed by Hewitt, are crafted from..

My “Artificial” Beating Heart

Apparently your heart will actually sync itself to the heartbeat of someone you’ve embraced. So if you are thinking of now going around and hugging random people who are calm when you..

Breville Citrus Press

Do you prefer your juice to be freshly squeezed rather than a bottled and stale one? If that’s what refreshes you every morning, then you are sure to be fond of the..

Light up your showers with LED lights!

Here’s something that looks like a lot of fun. The LED Shower Light will make for a unique showering experience for grown ups and children. The light will go from Neon Blue..

Coat Hangers – Norman Bates Style

Are you a slasher movie fan? Well if you are, these coat hangers are right up your alley. Of course, your family and friends might want you to get a psychological test..

Suicidal Hanged Man bulb

Are you stressed or under depression? Worry Not! The hanged man will surely form an inspiration for you to commit suicide. This is a lamp design created by Colgao, a Spanish studio..