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Stay Clean with Family Basin by VitrA

The family basin by VitrA is great for two things, one being the apparent convinience for children and the older members and secondly it will save you the stunt of lifting your..

Rock Pot in one Rocking Teapot

One tea pot, two resting angles and lots of impressed, approving nods in your favor, that’s Rock Pot for you. Making a good impression or displaying your fine taste in things with..

Potty Training in Style with iPotty

iPotty from CTA Digital is being dubbed as one of the wackiest, dumbest idea to be introduced at CES 2013. For those who agree to this, I bet you have no toddlers..

Flying Carpet Chair: A Fairytale experience!

Are you still waiting for your Aladdin to arrive on a magic carpet? Stop dreaming and checkout the 1001: Flying Carpet Chair. A tiny army of 90 effervescent rods supports this chair,..