Paq Chair twists, turns and folds to let you rest on it

Watching TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon has got many of us wondering if we could stretch that couch a little bit more to get a comfortable power nap. The Paq Chair is the answer to our prayers. It is a 10 cm thick foam flexible mattress that gives you the freedom to move around in it. When you want to use it as a backrest, you simply roll it up horizontally and lie on it, but you don’t have to worry about falling off because its flexibility will push you back to the original position.

When your whole body needs rest, you open up the zippers and lie flat on it. The mattress consists of three elements, a changeable textile cover with zipper, an optional fiber drum or a permanently attached protective sheet. You can expect to see it in the color, texture and graphics of your choice very soon.

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