Pebble Collection: Karim Rashid’s take on Post It Notes

Karim Rashid is a genius and he has over 3000 designs under his belt. He has ventured into making the Post-It notes better. He hasn’t changed the notes themselves, but he has certainly brought a much cooler delivery method to the table. You must check out the Pebble Collection that redefines the way you access Scotch tape and Post it notes. “I wanted to get out of the idea that these objects are pretty utilitarian,” Mr. Rashid said. “When you have them on your desk, they’re really just nice and comfortable and kind of quiet. They have a personality, but they’re soft.” It’s true that they look sleek and contemporary. It’s a stylish addition to any desk. The Post-it Pebble Dispenser is for $10 and the Scotch Tape Pebble Dispenser is $8 here.