Playful plates by Boguslaw Sliwinski encourage veggie eating

Every parent knows what a nightmare feeding stubborn kids their vegetables can be. It’s like hitting your head against a wall telling them not to play with their food and eat it. But what if there was something that lets them play with the food and also encourages them to eat it at the same time. Plates designed by Boguslaw Sliwinski are a series of playful plates with a transportation theme. Featuring simple drawings of trains, boats and cranes, your kids can complete the pictures by piling up food on the wagons, carts, etc. It is pretty much like 2D Lego. You kids might even forget that those are actually brussel sprouts on the plate and end up eating them. Create fun games by telling you kids that the boat will drown and they need to “lighten it” by eating some! Hey, it could work. The plates are made of ceramic; the Polish designer produces them to order in 20.5 or 26 diameter options. Other fun designs include faces drawn on the plates, and food can be used in creative ways to make heads of hair.

These “Transportation” plates by Boguslaw Sliwinski are apparently made by natural ecological materials and fired at temperatures over 800 degrees Celsius for extra durability. You will have to email the designer directly to place your order to your own specifications.

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[Available at Bsliwinski via Designrulz]

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