PODillow – a perfect tan pillow

Although it’s not the correct time to think about getting tanned, the new PODillow will tempt you to get one. Facedown, on r side, or flat on back, what ever your style is, PODillow allows you to tan in complete comfort. With an opening for the face or head to rest, it eliminates the pain in the neck that most people get when trying to lay on their stomach face-down. Being the only face-down pocketed tanning and massage pillow in the world, it also safe guards your must-have gizmos in its pockets. So be it your iPod, cell phone, digital camera, keys, wallet or what ever….you don’t need to worry about them being flicked as you doze off.

This one of its kind PODillow is a combination of an upper beaded pillow and a smooth foam base. Choose from four different colors and patters and just sling it on your back as it comes in its own drawstring backpack. For just $30 carry it to your vacation on a beach resort or to the pool side.
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