Rock Pot in one Rocking Teapot

One tea pot, two resting angles and lots of impressed, approving nods in your favor, that’s Rock Pot for you. Making a good impression or displaying your fine taste in things with a tea pot could only be fictitious until the fabulous Rock Pot came our way. Rock Pot is an innovative new teapot that features two distinct resting angles as I mentioned earlier, one to infuse the tea and the second one to let it sit. In order to kick start your day with your favorite beverage simply load the infusing chamber with your favorite loose-leaf tea followed by filling the pot with hot water. Once this is done rock the pot forward to stop the infusing process, keeping your tea at the desired level.

The glass body makes it fun to watch and the ergonomic handle makes for easy pouring. There is no info on price and availability yet.

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[Via – Quirky]

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