Silverlit ibird- a mesmerizing creation that gets you chirpy

The bird remings me of the movie-Lord of the rings, when the princess rides on a horse through the jungle and those tiny-glittering birds fly by as she gazes at them. The Silverlit ibird not only looks like a bird but also flies like one. Silverlit has perfected mini-ornithopter technology and the result is the ibird. It is possibly the smallest RC flapping-wing model in existence. Simple and fun to fly, the i-Bird is ready to soar straight out of the box and ultra-tough to survive the roughest landings. It is available in three colors-green, yellow and red. It runs or rather flies on a 4’ x 3.7V AA rechargeable battery.

Packed with state of the art technology, it’s one of the latest generation of RC flyers that provides an unparalleled level of control and stability both indoors and out.It can be ordered only for a 6 pack and is priced at $49.68
Via – Techlaunches