‘Slide to Unlock’ Doormat is perfect for iPhone enthusiasts and geeks

If you love the iPhone (and chances are you do, who doesn’t? Well, the people who made the wooden iPhone, I guess) you may want to showcase your love for it everywhere. Right at your doorstep too with this fun an geeky doormat that reads ‘slide to unlock’. This mat from Meninos might be misleading though as there is rarely a front door that slides to unlock. The clever little mat is made out of rubber at a size of 27×13 inches. If you tend to dirty it too much, don’t worry as it is easily washable. Meinos has put out a nice doormat for Apple lovers. If you belong to the minority that doesn’t adore the iPhone, you can still buy it as people will wipe their feet on this iPhone tribute. Works for everyone and it’s available for $50 here. “Open Sesame” seems to be a phrase of the past for locked doors.

Via – [Newlaunches]