SoftSound Pillow Speaker is for late night TV Buffs

Night Owls rejoice! As there is finally a pillow that will not only enhance your late night movie experience, but will also give your partner a peaceful snooze. The Soft Sound pillows feature a wireless set of stereo speakers built right in. While you can use a wireless headphone, or iPod Speaker Pillows, but they cannot provide as much comfort without ear pain, or neck pain. The SoftSound Pillow Speaker is a unique pillow with a built-in pair of speakers. The two speakers are embedded within and allow you to not be tied down by posture while listening to music or watching a movie while you are lying comfortably on the bed. The sounds are directed towards your ears so that only you can hear the sounds.The high-tech pillow has built in wireless speakers that receive signals from an RF transmitter, which connects to your media device, ranging from a television to a smartphone. The pillow comes with its own soft remote that is attached to the pillow itself. It includes a sleep timer, so that you are not startled by strange sounds in the middle of the night.

The SoftSound Pillow speakers are well covered using Biosense memory foam pillow. It also comes with a removable and washable Better than Down shell for $130.

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[Available at Brookstone Via Psfk]

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