Solar powered lighter.

If you are an adventurous animal then lemme give you some dope on the solar powered lighter. Now if I have set you to wonderland as to why is this a key object for the adventurous, then the answer is cause it works for the people that go camping and run out of matches or gas on the lighter. At the same time it can be used at home for emergency situations since it can be charged with any kind of light. There is a bonus point which is the base that can be used to open (beer) bottles.

This solar-powered lighter doesn’t actually create an open flame, but it does create a series of sparks that should be capable of lighting a BBQ grill. So in all reality, it is the environment-friendly lazy man’s flint or sparker. And will cost around $19. I gotta go… can’t wait to get my hands on this ‘hot’ thing!

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