Sound Asleep Speaker pillow gives children a peaceful slumber

We all want our kids to have a sound sleep. For that purpose, the Sound Asleep pillow for children has been designed. The central idea behind it is that kids require lesser lift than adults for a good posture while sleeping. This pillow has provided just that so they can get a very comfortable sleep. It is deemed to be a perfect night-time companion for children. It’s other unique feature is that it has an inbuilt speaker. So what you can do is plug their favorite audio books into the pillow for some great bedtimes stories. Sometimes parents simply aren’t in the mood to read out children;s tales and this steps up as a good alternative. Your child won’t even feel the speaker in the pillow. The length of time the sound plays is controlled by the music source, so you can program the device to turn off after a certain period of time. This is an ideal sleeping aid for little ones! You can purchase it for £12.00 here.