Stack by Adriano Design: A wood-burning stove for the modern household

When you think of wood-burning stoves, all that comes to mind are the sad kitchens of
the past, with weary women standing around trying to draw some heat from tar-black
iron furnaces. It definitely doesn’t have a place in the modern kitchen. However, what
if you could find a wood-burning stove that was sleek and modern. That is what the
makers of Stack, the stove line born from the cooperation between La Castellamonte
and Adriano Design, have been trying to achieve. They have reinterpreted the ancient
tradition of ceramic stoves, and come up with a line of modular, fully customizable
ceramic stoves, which are an easy fit into any living space. These are designed with
attention to the new housing requirements and low environmental impact, as they run
on wood or pellets, renewable resources, rather than oil or gas. The designers say that
ceramic is highly energy-efficient since it retains heat longer than metal.

The nine models in the Stack by Adriano Design line of wood-burning and pellet burning
stoves combine modular elements for combustion and heating with stacking modules
in different materials and sizes for distinctive functions. They are six ‘RoundStack’
versions with a circular base – ‘slim’, ‘long’, ‘wood’, ‘rim’, ‘side’, ‘front’; and
three ‘CubiStack’ versions with a square base – ‘slim’, ‘long’, ‘wood’.

[More Info at StackStoves Via FastCodeDesign]

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