The Diva Washing Up Sponge adds style to boring dishwashing

No one in the world can really claim that they like washing dishes. It is one of the most boring chores. So anything that could add a little fun to the task will be welcomed. The Diva Washing Up Sponge promises to do just that. This sexy disco diva is equipped with a huge sponge afro to get all your cleaning done in a jiffy. So throw out your boring scrub brush today, and bring a little personality into your kitchen. This 80s starlet isn’t all about style though; she is also about practicality. The tall and thin design, with easy grip around the ummm…. hips, is so convenient to get to all those hard to reach spots inside mugs and bottles. And she also stands up straight when not in use.

The Diva Washing Up Sponge is a perfect accessory for all you divas with an attitude forced to do the menial chores. The Diva can be yours for just $9.

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[Pre-order at Firebox via – GeekAlerts]

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