The Dummy Bottle Opener: A pacifier adults will also love

The good old practical baby pacifier has gone through a few makeovers as time has passed. On one hand they are thermometers disguised as pacifiers, and on the other hand they make us laugh with their ridiculous avatars. However, the latest avatar may be the naughtiest yet! Check out this Dummy Bottle Opener, which is the cutest little Bottle opener shaped like a baby’s dummy or pacifier. Just like how the pacifier and a warm bottle of milk calms down cranky babies, this “adult” pacifier, and a cold bottle of beer will go a long way in calming down your ragged nerves after a long day at work. There is just something wrong about using a dummy shaped opener to get our alcohol fix; and yet, it feels so right! The perfect accessory for a laid-back barbeque baby shower or first birthday, this opener makes for a fun accessory to have around the house. Of course, make sure you keep it away from baby Matthew’s prying hands!

The Dummy Bottle Opener is made out of a solid piece of polished chromed metal – a Zinc Alloy – which is a highly recyclable mixture of metals. This quirky little opener is available for purchase at Suck UK for just £15 (approximately $23).

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[Available at Suck UK]