The FoodPod will become your best friend in the kitchen

Pasta is one is the most versatile and all-around favorite dinner for a lot of people. Even though it is relatively easy to prepare, the whole process of cooking and draining, and then dunking the cooked pasta in cold water so that it doesn’t overheat is a complicated process; one that can become very stressful. Not if you get yourself the ingeniously designed FoodPod. It is a modern cooking tool designed to help you save time and effort in executing tasks such as boiling, blanching or steaming. It does this by conveniently containing foods like eggs, veggies, shellfish and more within itself so that removing and draining the foodstuffs is one smooth process. All you have to do is place it in the water to cook. Once it is done, just pull it out all together and let it drain through the holes. As you put all the food in and remove it all together, it ensures even cooking throughout. Best of all, you can even save the cooking water to use for other things. It is big enough to hold up to a dozen large eggs or several heads of broccoli. It is made of non-stick silicone which protects your foods and pot surfaces. Also, the silicone means it is flexible enough to fit into any number of oddly shaped pots and pans.

The FoodPod by Fusion Brands is available in two colors – Yellow and Green. It is available for purchase at Fusion Brand’s online store for a very reasonable $15. I would probably have one around my kitchen just coz’ it’s oh so cute!

foodpod-2 foodpod-3 foodpod-4 foodpod-5

[Via – Fusionbrands]