The Hello Kitty Peek-A-Boo Chair plus Ottoman: An absolute must-have for any kid

We got so excited the first time we laid eyes on this Hello Kitty Shelf and almost fainted with pleasure when we saw what Asako-san had done with her entire house! Anything that we can put up around our house that reminds us of our favorite feline, Hello Kitty, is a sure-fire hit with us! For instance, check out this adorable new Hello Kitty Peek-A-Boo Chair plus Ottoman from Najarian Furniture. The design of the little chair is so simplistic, and yet so pretty. It features a pillow with Hello Kitty’s face on it, placed on a pink polka-dotted chair. The polka-dotted part makes up the chair, while Hello Kitty’s face makes up the cutest little ottoman or footstool we have ever seen. When you are not using the chair, all you have to do is place the pillow, or ottoman, back inside the seat of the chair for easy storage. Unfortunately, the chair is only made in kid sizes. I can’t wait for one that I can buy for myself!

The Hello Kitty Peek-A-Boo Chair plus Ottoman from Najarian Furniture is perfect for kids aged between 2 to 7 years old. Imagine the look on your little darling’s face when you get her this for her next birthday. It is available for purchase at Sanrio, and retails for $100.

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[Available at Sanrio]

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